The Act In Six

In the darkness of the night, concealing all,

Yet the light of the moon was bright enough

to barely illuminate the car.

In the corner of the lot, secluded from most

a window stood open, steam like a ghost.

Just a glance made the difference.

In a car so alone, yet bonding took hold.

Their foreboding act, foreboding so cold.

Yet truly a memory that one can’t soon forget.

Moments passing, a single bead of sweat.

In two there are one, they are one another,

in an act that pushed the boundaries further.

but their innocent love, compassion in the raw

in an act that should not have been seen at all.

In a movement, a roll and a gasp.

their moment so long, yet fleeting it passed.

For them, so long, intense, and new…

In a few feet, their beauty was gone,

but their shadows echo a lifetime,

their rebellious act lives on.


~ by robertlouishernandez on March 22, 2013.

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